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New Research Shows a little Overweight May be Good

8 Nov

A new study concludes that being a five to 10 kilos overweight may not be as harmful to health as is commonly believed, and may actually confer some benefits when it comes to certain cancers and heart disease. 

How can we ever be healthy if we listen to our schizophrenic researchers who cannot get their story right. These contradicting reports are enough to send people crazy.  The one thing I always do is to take the middle ground. I do everything in moderation and I firmly believe that weight is intrinsically connected to one’s caloric intake.  It’s simple mathematics.  If we try to micro manage everything we put into our mouths and our health then we will be hit by something out of the blues, something we did not cater to.  My advice to people who are frustrated with the different solutions to health, and to weight loss that comes with every issue of our news media is do not rush to change anything that is working for you. The bottom line is variety is the spice of life.  Eat a variety of food, exercise moderately and everything will be fine.

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