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Is veganism for you?

22 Aug

As usual I believe in moderation in everything we do is a prescription for good health but there are those who swear by vegetarianism and the more restricted veganism.  I believe that our future food source will be a vegetarian diet because medicine come from the foods we eat. Sustainable health is eating the medicine itself which is food.

Anyway I found this interesting article in the NYT that speaks about former President Bill Clinton’s journey into veganism and his findings. 

“I essentially concluded that I had played Russian roulette,” Clinton said, “because even though I had changed my diet some and cut down on the caloric total of my ingestion and cut back on much of the cholesterol in the food I was eating, I still — without any scientific basis to support what I did — was taking in a lot of extra cholesterol without knowing if my body would produce enough of the enzyme to support it, and clearly it didn’t or I wouldn’t have had that blockage. So that’s when I made a decision to really change.”

The former president now says he consumes no meat, no dairy, no eggs, almost no oil.

“I like the vegetables, the fruits, the beans, the stuff I eat now,” Clinton told Gupta

Green beans is vitamin packed greens – don’t skimp on the greens

16 Aug

Green beans are an excellent source of protein and fibre; vitamins A, B complex, C, and K; and the minerals iron, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. This makes green beans one of the most nutritious foods on the planet — sort of like a vegetable multivitamin.

Green beans can be called by many other names: French beans, runner beans, winged beans, string beans and snap beans. Essentially, green beans are the unripe fruit of of any kind of bean. All over the world, they’re enjoyed steamed, boiled, stir-fried, or baked in casseroles. Green beans are much easier to digest than mature dried beans, so they are well tolerated by most people.–why-iron-rich-green-beans-are-nature-s-multivitamin

Watch this film

16 Aug

The Gerson Miracle examines many of the elements of the Gerson Therapy, explaining why we are so ill and how we have in our grasp the power to recover our health without expensive, toxic or mutilating treatments, using the restorative forces of our own immune systems.

Even the most advanced cases of cancer can be successfully reversed using this method. While the results seem miraculous, the real “miracle” lies within our own body and its healing processes.

Safeway Voluntarily Recall suspected Listeria contaminated Dip

14 Aug

Safeway has initiated a voluntary recall of its Signature Cafe series 6-Layer Dip  with Sepptember 6 best-before date – due to concerns over Listeria contamination. (Photo courtesy of Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

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