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Microwave Popcorn Linked to Lung Illness

5 Sep

A Colorado man has developed a serious lung condition as a result of his love of microwave popcorn.  Diacetyl is an ingredient which adds the buttery flavour to microwave popcorn. This product has come under scrutiny as being the culprit. Producers of microwave popcorn attest to the safety of their product. This is the first time that an illness is linked to microwave popcorn. 

ConAgra, the largest manufacturer of microwave popcorn promised to remove the offending  Diacetyl from future popcorn.

The Colorado man told his doctor that he had eaten microwave popcorn for 10 years, twice a day.  He loved to inhale the steamy fragrance as he opened the popcorn bag.

“That’s heated diacetyl, which we know from the workers’ studies is the highest risk.”

Experts  measured levels of diacetyl in the man’s home after he made popcorn and found levels of the chemical were similar to those in microwave popcorn plants. He was asked the man to stop eating microwave popcorn.  After about six months his lungs improved.

I am sure microwve popcorn once in a while will kill no one but this patient might have become addicted to the smell of the diacetyl, hence his serious lung condition.

If something can cause that much trouble, why is it being allowed in our foods.  Perhaps it’s time we go back to our old fashioned way of doing popcorn and enough with fast and furious ways of living.

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