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Garlic goodness

25 Oct

If you wondered whether what your grandmother told you is true about garlic – that it is good for your health and all kinds of aliments – it’s not an old wives tale there is some truth in that saying. Researchers have confirmed that garlic is a has some beneficial effect on our health, though how much still remains in the misty world of scientiest, meaning still to be proven.  It may not be the best perfume around but to heck with its scent, we want those plaques be off the walls of our artery and this is one way we can help.

Dr. David Kraus, an associate profressor of environmental health sciences at University of Alabama, Birmingham and his team of researchers  found that compounds in garlic cause tissues or blood vessels to release a chemical called hydrogen sulfide. In large quantities, this compound can be deadly, but it’s also an essential molecule within the body, causing blood vessels to relax and reducing dangerous inflammation.

The final word on this product is still out but there seems to be consensus that a garlic rich diet is good for us. 

Kraus stressed that his study only looked at the effect of fresh garlic, not garlic supplements. “What we are proposing is that you eat a garlic-rich diet,” he said. “We haven’t really tried to look at supplements yet.”

 As usual, my standard is moderation. Everything done or eaten in moderation is the best route to take, according to this parent.

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