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Is your low-fat diet getting in the way?

29 Aug

When dieting something you have to remember is that everything has a caloric number.  Some people think that when something is fat free that is a license for them to eat as much as they like. This is where you sabotage your diet.  Most people tend to overeat when they are eating something that say’s fat free and that counteract the purpose of eating fat free. Fat free is not always the answer. It may better to eat a regular meal and feel satiated than eat far free that leaves you wanting to eat more. That defeats the purpose of dieting.

The key to losing weight is to reduce your caloric intake and up your physical activity. The experts say those physical activity need not be going to the gym and engage in high intensity workouts. It could be doing work around the house. You can scrub the floor manually instead of using a machine, mow the lawn, cut the hedges, and walk up and down the stairs in your home a few times a day. Little things add up to big losses.

Unless you are suffering from high cholesterol, high blood pressure or heart conditions, eating regular fat can be helpful in maintaining your optimum weight.  When you eat regular fat you feel full and may not be tempted to dip your hand in the cookie jar for that second.

Another good thing for you to do is to read the labels carefully see if the lower or reduced fat foods are that much lower in calories.  Do the math you might be surprised.

 Tip: Burn 150 calories easily this wayGardening  30 minuteswashing windows or floors 50 minutesWalking w miles in 30 minutesRaking leaves 30 minutesFast dancing 30 minutes

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