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The Five Survival Crops you Ought to know about

21 Oct

Whether you are a serious gardener or not, this is an excellent article for you to read. Next year, think of what you might want to grow for yourself. Remember you can grow a lot of stuff in pots.

AlterNet: Food in Uncertain Times: How to Grow and Store the 5 Crops You Need to Survive

Deadly junk food you eat

13 Oct

Are you into fast food breakfasts, if so, you might want to read this article.  Although if you are one of the subscribers to this blog, you are not the one who should read this because you are already on a path to conscious eating and knowing what you put in your mouths, but it is a good reminder for all of us to see how the capitalists influence our health by cutting corners and dumping garbage on us.  We have to be aware and spread the message – Live fuller – stop eating the trash you pay good money for!

 6 Revolting Breakfasts That Just Might Kill You Before Lunch AlterNet

Have you tried rice noodles

1 Oct

A few nights ago, I cooked some rice noodles (vermicelli).  The trick to cooking these fine noodles is to boil the water. Take the pot off from the heat put the noodles in and let it soak for about ten minutes, drain and serve in any way you like. You  can then stir fry it or eat it with your favourite sauce. You can also just add some freshly squeezed lemon juice, pinch of salt and black pepper and eat – if you are a minimalist like I am sometimes.  You can use in the manner you use rice.  It wonderful.  Here are some comments about this noodles from the New York Times.

The thin vermicelli-type noodles called maifun are quite versatile; I found them preferable to the linguine-width pad Thai rice sticks in the non-Asian dishes I tested. They grab sauces in much that same way that angel-hair pasta does, and they’re great in salads and stir-fries.

Ounce for ounce, regular pasta and rice noodles have the same number of calories and similar carbohydrate measures. But rice noodles stretch farther than wheat-based pasta: two ounces really will make a substantial serving. Despite what the package might say, nobody ever eats less than three ounces of regular semolina pasta. Rice noodles also are gluten-free, a godsend for those who can’t tolerate gluten but love their pastas.

There you go – why not try some – great for dieting.  I found brown rice noodles (vermicelli kind) in my local health food store.  It is much more nutritious than the plain white noodles.  If you try it please share any tips you might have.


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