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Find out how garbage makes good food

12 Jan

This is an interesting article and a commentary of our affluence.  If we were living in a hostile environment, we might look at food very differently than how we look at it today. We throw away anything that does not appeal to our eyes as perfect, fresh and appealing.  This story shows us how what we throw away can be used in very healthy and appetizing ways. It’s an eye-opener and I enjoyed it very much. Please read and feel free to share your understanding and stories as well. Thank you


8 Dec

Hope for Sickle Cell Anemia Victims 

Scientists are working hard to help mankind extend life in a comfortable way. Recently they have managed to correct sickle cell anemia in mice.  The next step will be to try it in humans.  I often wonder why mice and human are so much alike. The mice have done so much for mankind bit we continue to hate them and not want to share our homes with the critters… ha! ha!  Ecotourism is BoomingBig on the horizon and a boost for the environment is something called ecotourism.  You still get to enjoy the sun and all its benefits, increasing your vitamin D and such like but not on the vulgar beaches but from a mountaintop watching the miraculous feat of nature for example a millions of monarch butterflies coating pine trees and mountainsides, flying about their business in Mexico. This phenomenon is catching on among European tourists.“I have on many occasions seen Spaniards, Italians, Americans, Canadians, Mexicans come into the butterfly colonies and literally weep,” said Lincoln Brower, a monarch expert at the University of Florida and Sweet Briar College in Sweet Briar, Va.“It’s such an overwhelming emotional experience to realize that you’re actually looking at these tens of millions of monarch butterflies that have come into this tiny, little area of Mexico.” monarchbutterfly.jpg   Salt is Dangerous to Health – Shortens Life The American Food and Drug Administration have brought up the topic of salt again in the diet. Salt is now the big boogie spice that is worst that fat and sugar.  It is the source of many of our health problems but how do we get fast food restaurants and processed food manufacturing companies to hold off on the salt and try using more herbs to flavor their poisons. There is no denying that excess  salt promotes hypertension, stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure, and early death but there is still no legislation on this killer item.  Some people believe that regulation is not the way to go but rather education.  When people are educated they may demand salt-free or salt reduced foods or just walk away from products and restaurants.  Instead of invasive diagnostic methods such as CT scans, X-rays etc. to detect whether you have lung cancer, doctors might  be able to determine your diagnosis by a mere blood test.“CT scans have a very high false positive rate when trying to discover lung cancer,” lead investigator Dr. Edward Patz Jr., a radiologist at Duke, said in a prepared statement. “What that leads to is several follow-up imaging studies or invasive procedures like biopsy, which have risks of their own. This study is the first step in developing a test that would allow us to sample a patient’s blood and determine whether more invasive testing and treatment are necessary.”In this study, the researchers compared the levels of the four proteins in the blood of about 100 lung cancer patients to levels in about 100 people without cancer.“Using the four markers … we were able to distinguish patients who had cancer from those who didn’t with over 80 percent accuracy,” Patz said.

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