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Kombucha Tea is attracting new attention

25 Mar
I wrote about this tea a few weeks ago and provided some information about it. I used to make this tea, it is very delicious – perhaps it’s because it is because of fuzziness to it and its sweet taste but my glass pot got broken and I stopped. If any of you are using this tea, I would love to get some feedback on how long have you drank it and what it’s doing for or to your health.

Vitamin D appears to be the new wonder drug

24 Mar

Many Canadians are lacking this sunshine vitamin, the lack of which is said to cause diseases such as cancers, multiple sclerosis and other life-threatening diseases.  It is more critical for dark skin people to take supplements because their skin while it protects them from dangerous ultraviolet light, it also prevents as much of the vitamin to penetrate the skin. Can’t have it all I suppose. Read the article below and come to your own conclusions

Statscan finds widespread vitamin D deficiency in Canadians – The Globe and Mail

Another argument against high-protein diets

18 Mar
Check out the argument and decide for yourself – there is a lot of info out there but this sounds legitimate to me. I have lost weight at a slow pace eating a mixed healthy diet whereas a few of my friends have gone through weight-watchers at least twice but other types of diets refusing to eat carbs of any kind. They gain the weight back as soon as they start eating like a regular human being.

Highrise vegetable gardens

17 Mar
With the help of science and a little creativity, we can contribute to a healthy environment by helping to grow what you eat and become less dependent on others to do it.  Today we are encouraged to plant food wherever we are. We can do it.  See article below

Reasons for optimism in food choices

17 Mar

The organic market is growing and one of the fears is that as it grows people again will put profit before quality. We want to make sure that we get what we are paying for. Unscrupulous business people might be tempted to cut corners but new legislations hope there is more transparency in labelling. I hope our good people – those investigative reporters will go undercover on some of the farms to keep people honest. Great article below:

The value of Vitamin D

7 Mar

the importance of vitamin D and the vital role it plays in the maintenance of good health is reinforced in the article below.  This may be one of the cheapest vitamins and therefore affordable to most.  It plays a role in osteoporosis prevention and even some forms of cancer.  According to research many of us here in North America do not get enough of the sunshine vitamin which is no surprise since three quarters of the year we live in the cool of winter and most of us hide from it by hibernating. Anyway check out the article and educate yourself and always decide what is best for you.

Low levels of vitamin D linked to muscle fat, decreased strength in young people

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