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Research into dog’s ability to sniff owners blood sugar level

25 Nov

Humanity is trying to make dogs even more responsible to us than they currently are. At the moment the poor creatures are responsible for loving us even if we are mean to them or just a plain old mean person. They have to help us navigate our surroundings, help us in the kitchen as “mom or pop’s little helper and now they want dogs to determine and give us a hint if they sniff sugar.  Why are we human beings so exploitative? Our best friend is now up for grabs as one of our workers and a slave as well. Dr Deborah Wells, from the School of Psychology at Queen’s, said there were anecdotal stories of dogs detecting a drop in blood sugar in their owners. She and Dr Shaun Lawson, from the University of Lincoln, have been awarded £10,000 funding from Diabetes UK for a yearlong study. They want 100 Type One diabetics to complete an online survey. The researchers are also seeking video footage of dogs reacting to their owner’s ‘hypos’ or low blood sugar levels. “Anecdotal reports suggest that some dogs can perform early warning of hypoglycemia by using their sense of smell to sniff out if their owner’s blood sugar levels are dropping,” Dr Wells said. She said the study has the potential to be of enormous benefit and could be used to help develop an “electronic nose” to detect either decreases or increases in blood sugar levels.

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