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Better is Less in health matters

20 Aug

Are you using the salt shaker too much or putting too much sugar in your coffee?  If so, stop. 

 Health experts recommend that the average person needs only about 1/8 of a teaspoon of salt (300 mg of sodium) to meet the body’s daily requirement. Eating too much salt raises blood pressure. Most North Americans consume 1–3 teaspoons of salt (about 2,400–7,200 mg sodium) per day. The experts advise that you limit salt intake to about one teaspoon of salt (2,300–2,400 mg sodium) or less per day. Less is better.
The American Heart Association recommends limiting intake of sugar as much as possible. This means do not add heaping heaping teaspoons of sugar to your coffee every morning. Also watch your sugar intake with such foods as sweetened soft drinks and foods with a high glycemic index rating.

    When did we become such a sweet tooth and salty dog? I bet the media (advertising) has a big role in that.

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