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You are what you eat – for real

12 Jun

Real food is where it’s at when it comes to our health

22 Nov

realfood.jpgYou want to make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs to function well, then quit loading up on vitamins and start loading up on real foods.  This is the new message. For me it makes commonsense.  The nutrients they try to package in tablets comes from natural products. Scientists extract certain parts of it, package them and say they are better for us, but do they know, have they isolated all the subtle nutrients in an orange.  Yes orange has a lot of vitamin C and my grandmother could have told you that orange is good for you when you have a cold, but what other trace elements do an orange has?  The effectiveness of real food can never be replaced by an artificial concoction.  The real food offers a holistic combination of all the trace elements that makes it potent and better for us.

Recent research shows that “after several vitamin studies have produced disappointing results, there’s a growing belief that food is more than just a sum of its nutrient parts. In a recent commentary for the journal Nutrition Reviews, University of Minnesota professor of epidemiology David R. Jacobs argues that nutrition researchers should focus on whole foods rather than only on single nutrients. “We argue for a need to return to food as the source of nutrition knowledge,’’ writes Dr. Jacobs with co-author Linda C. Tapsell, a nutrition researcher at the University of Wollongong in Australia.

There you go!

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