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6 Jul

probiotic1.jpgYesterday I bought two bottles of probiotics from the healthfood store close by.  This is the stuff people are talking about.  I just googled it and here’s what I found – this was tested by Marketplace which is a reputable show and they leave no stone unturned to get to the facts

Some bacteria is good to eat
Broadcast: September 9, 2003 | Reporter: Kelly Crowe; Producer: Maxine Sidran; Researcher: Louisa Jaslow

‘Bacteria cured my colitis.’ Vito Puglisi

Vito Puglisi is locked in a fight for his health. The battleground is the breakfast table in his Montreal home. His weapon of choice? Live bacteria. It’s in his yogurt – he even adds extra from powdered supplements.While most people try to avoid bacteria, Vito eats as much of it as he can. He has his whole family eating live, active bacteria. He’s been doing it for three years, and says bacteria cured his colitis.Vito can’t prove that bacteria cured his condition, but there is some science behind his claim. However, when Marketplace put some yogurt and supplements to the test, we discovered that Vito might not be getting what he thinks he’s getting (more: Testing bacteria levels). Specific types of live bacteria – called probiotics – live in the human gut. If you take them in the right amount for and for the right illness, they can fight disease. Probiotics can relieve lactose intolerance, prevent allergies and bladder and vaginal infections. That’s why Dr. Gregor Reid, a professor of microbiology at the University of Western Ontario, is fighting hard to promote them.From his modest laboratory in London, Ontario, Dr. Reid has launched a world-wide crusuade to fight for the reputation of this good bacteria. “This is my baby,” he says “I’ve worked on it for over 20 years in times when we were laughed at … and I think now we’ve got enough very good science behind it that there is merit in this.”Reid is fighting against what he calls the ‘junk claims’ being made for probiotics – claims that it can cure everything from stress to HIV, none of which is backed up by genuine science. “There’s been a lack of credibility among governments, granting agencies, physicians – that think probiotics is just snake oil,” says Reid.

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