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Are you or someone you love depressed?

10 Aug

Start by checking off any symptoms of depression that you have had for two weeks or longer, or that you’ve noticed in the family member or friend you’re concerned about. Focus on symptoms that have been present almost every day for most of the day. Then look at the key below. (The exception is the item regarding thoughts of suicide or suicide attempts. A check mark warrants an immediate call to a doctor.)   *       I feel sad or irritable. *       I have lost interest in activities I used to enjoy. *       I’m eating much less than I usually do and have lost weight, or I’m eating much more than I usually do and have gained weight. *       I am sleeping much less or more than I usually do. *       I have no energy or feel tired much of the time. *       I feel anxious and can’t seem to sit still. *       I feel guilty or worthless. *       I have trouble concentrating or find it hard to make decisions. *       I have recurring thoughts about death or suicide, I have a suicide plan, or I have tried to commit suicide.Scoring Key
Depression and dysthymia. If you checked a total of five or more statements on the depression checklist, including at least one of the first two statements, you (or your loved one) may be suffering from an episode of major depression. If you checked fewer statements, including at least one of the first two statements, you may be suffering from a milder form of depression or dysthymia

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