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Junk Food Commercials Put on Notice

18 Jul

junkfood.jpgThe junk food industry is desperately trying to regulate itself before the heavy hand of government weighs down on them.  Companies like General Mills, Coca Cola, McDonalds and a few others have taken steps to limit their junk food commercials on children’s Television show geared to children under 12 that do not meet nutritional standards.  This sounds to me like a conundrum?  Which junk food meets nutritional standard?  Perhaps the fruit and vegetable growers should be the ones advertising on children’s shows and perhaps we should start advertising the dark chocolate for its redeeming nutritional quality, milk, exercise, whole-wheat crackers, and eggs and so on.

Children can be so easily manipulated and to have allowed advertisers free range over their minds and habits for these years is criminal.   Anyway, it’s better late than never.

I hope these commercials do not morph on third world countries’ television show and have those kids develop similar bad habits the effects of which will be harder to deal with due to the lack of resources in those countries.  Let’s keep our eyes on the children in all parts of the world.  The children everywhere are our future.

Repacking junkfoods in small packages to lure you

7 Jul


Purveyors of junk food are trying to lure people into continuing their bad habits of eating junk foods.  Now they have repackaged their products into 10o calorie sizes and you are buying into it because the profits for these companies have skyrockete. What the heck!

Do not let their marketing fool you. They are just trying to keep you hooked into their high sweet, salt and preservative concoctions call food. What you need to do is to wean yourself of even wanting that stuff. Most are just poison to the body.  The other day a friend brought in a packaged low-fat food from President’s Choice – it had good stuff in it – rice, two small chicken on skewers and the calories low but when I looked at the ingredients that single serving of food had 1181 grams of salt.  Yes people 1181 grams of salt.  That’s criminal.  Science is showing that salt is one of the biggest culprits in our weight gain and health problems as well as sugar.

Don’t be fooled.  It’s costing more for healthcare and soon we won’t enjoy the poor service we are now enjoying.  It will be worse so it is up to take care of ourselves so we do not need to be in hospitals and tax the healthcare system even more.  Let us treat our bodies with respect – grab a fruit, some nuts, a piece of vegetable or piece of nice dark chocolate – these things are much better for you.

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