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Cheap Imitation Viagra can be Deadly

19 Nov

Officials in England have uncovered illicit imitation “sex” drugs that are being sold at street corners in Yorkshire and Scotland.

They claim that these drugs which may soon hit the market in North America are not to be taken as they can be very dangerous to health

Health experts say just one of these pills could kill someone who is already taking prescribed medicines for liver, heart, kidney or blood pressure problems.

“These tablets are illegal and unlicensed and have not been tested to UK standards to ensure they are safe. Anyone taking them could be risking their life,” said Sangeeta Sharma, a senior pharmaceutical advisor who works for the local health authority in Ealing, West London.

It is believed that these illegal and dangerous drugs have their origins in India.  They are sold under the counter under the following names: Vigora, Proxyron and Kamagra. Kamagra oral jelly.  Respect yourself, protect yourself.

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