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Food watchdog warns of suspected tampering in Stella Artois beer

13 Jul

¬†Last Updated: Friday, July 13, 2007 | 8:48 AM ET CBC News Concentrated alcohol is suspected of being added to bottles of Stella Artois beer, Canada’s food watchdog says.The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Thursday that tampering is suspected¬†in six 330-millilitre bottles of Stella Artois beer with best before dates of November and December 2005 and production codes of L32343T and L35243G.As these beers’ expiry dates have passed, they should no longer be for sale in the marketplace. The advisory does not apply to Stella Artois cans and draft beer.Consumers and servers at restaurants and bars are urged to check Stella Artois beer bottles for best before dates and production codes.The CFIA also noted that bottled beer with two neck labels glued over each other should not be consumed.The suspected tampering is believed to have affected beer sold at restaurants and bars in Toronto and Kamloops, B.C.No incidents involving beer products sold in stores have been reported.Vomiting has been linked in some cases to the consumption of the beer, the CFIA said.The CFIA and Labatt Breweries of Canada are working with the police in this investigation. Anyone with information about the suspected tampering should contact the local police department.

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