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Weight Obsession

24 Jun

Let’s face it we all want to lose weight or to maintain weight and some even want to gain weight (gosh why couldn’t I be so lucky).  Loving food is natural.  Without food we cannot live. But why do we crave food so much. I believe and there is some science behind it as well that we crave not food but the taste of food and that taste that we are addicted to is salt.  Most of the stuff we eat has too much salt and some of us add salt at the table as well.

I have the genetic doe for hight blood pressure. I did not suffer from it until Iin my late forties a few years ago.  Before then my blood pressure was normal. My mother and grandmother suffered from it so it is not so out of the ordinary for me to inherit it.  But I believe I can do something about it.  I have been about 10-15 pounds overweight for the last 5 years and I have taken small steps since then to lose the weight.  Nothing drastic. I do not believe in quick fixes. I read somewhere about the DASH diet that is good for blood pressure. I chose that one. I eat everything but I cook without salt. I have completely eliminated salt from my own diet. When I eat out I try as much as possible to control the salt but that is not always possible. I have control over what I do.

I use a lot of herbs and lots of pepper and lemon juice. I do not miss salt and I do not feel the need or the craving to eat more. I have lost 20 pounds in the last 2 years. It is now showing and all my friends are asking – what are you doing. People seems alarmed because the weight has been dropping unnoticeably in small increments. The good news is that my blood pressure has gone down considerably. I believe one day my doctor is going to tell me to cut back on my water pill. Right now I take one tiny pill but I am hoping to cut it down to half and then to none. Will keep you posted.

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