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Calcium-rich without cow’s milk

26 Apr

Check this out vegans and vegetarians – nutrition is everywhere


Have Belly Fat – blast it away with these foods

17 Apr

If you are like me you have tried many things but there are still more to try.  I believe that insulin is a big factor in weight gain and if we can control that it might be worth the while. The article is very informative – it provides several options to reduce belly fat from 8 to 90 days. I would not take these projections as gospel truth. Have a look.–seven-easy-tips-to-reduce-insulin-and-lose-belly-fat?utm_source=_

Do you know who dies to feed us?

2 Apr

Can our food do us much good if it is produced under inhumane conditions? What kinds of energy do workers put into harvesting or planting the foods that end up on our table when some has to die in doing so and it did not have to be that way, that is all business as usual and taking advantage of poor people who need the money for their families to survive.

Reading this article was shocking and I hope it is not true but I have a feeling that it is true.  Because we in North America eat so much and yet are the most unhealthiest people in the world. If it had not been for good medicine we might have all succumbed to over-eating and greed. Medicine keeps us alive but at what cost? The Pharmaceuticals have a hold on us because without them we would not be alive.

It is our duty to speak up about the kind of abuses farm workers have to endure for the little wage they receive. They are not animals and even animals get to drink water and find shades to rest.


March 30, 2012  |  

Cesar Chavez, the champion of farmworkers’ rights who gets his annual day of state recognition this Saturday, must be rolling in his grave. It’s been 37 years since Governor Jerry Brown, in an earlier life, signed the landmark agricultural labor relations act–and soon California legislators will debate whether to enforce rules to provide water and shade to the 400,000 farmworkers who harvest our food.

According to Assemblymember Betsy Butler, D-Los Angeles, author of the Farmworker Safety Act of 2012, “At least 16 farm workers have died since the state issued emergency regulations related to heat illness in 2005. Since all of the deaths were preventable, it’s clear that the regulations and their enforcement are ineffective.”

Let’s replay that: every year farmworkers are dying from thirst and heat exposure due to inadequate water and shade……..

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