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A little thought

30 Nov

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Know your people

30 Nov


Lemon Detox

30 Nov

Research on grain-brain

22 Nov

Why is Carb so addictive and why all this evolving research on carbs and gluten are so discouraging and makes you want to stop eating something so delicious. It seems like everything we love to eat is bad for us. I love breads, I love ice cream, I love chocolate and they are all public health enemies.
Gluten and Carbs we are told are responsible for a host of illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease, obesity celiac, digestive tracks disorders and many more. When did this start? Our forefathers lived on breads and they lived healthy long lives. I have to ask the question is this about wheat or Monsanto GMO wheat? I believe this has to be put at the feet of Monsanto. Ever since they started mixing grains with animal genes, and all sorts of weird. Anyway nuff said check out this article for yourself.

What you do not know could hurt you

4 Nov

What would it be? Traditional food or fast food with toxins and poisons? I don’t know about you but I love to know what I am eating. I will not be a guinea pig for those who transform good food into something else. People who want to cook for you ought to take your health seriously and not cater to your taste bud. Our taste buds have been so messed up we no longer recognize real food but instead are addicted to foods that are laced with chemicals. It is up to you and me to turn the tide of nonfoods back to real food by using our dollars.

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