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The Judge is in Order

13 Sep

The New York Times reported that a federal judge struck down a city health regulation yesterday that would have required more than 2,000 restaurants around New York — including chain restaurants like McDonald’s — to post the calorie content of their dishes on their menus.

I think the judge is in order. This would be a nightmare for all businesses including smaller establishment. It means they would have to hire a dietitian to measure amounts and calculate percentages and then they would have to stick to that same formula all the time.

We cannot expect laws to do the impossible, cuddling people and removing personal responsibility from citizens.  I keep saying that in the capitalist realm, it is money that speaks the loudest. If people stop spending their money because they do not know what is in the food they are eating, business people will soon get that message and tow the line or risk going out of business. Put your money where your health is.

Chain restaurants can only do so much.  Much of the hamburgers are pre-cooked and other ingredients are mixed together at some central point and then distributed to all the chains.  In a formal restaurant you can ask for what you want. Baked chicken instead of fried chicken, boiled potatoes instead of fried potatoes, salad dressing on the side and so on.

Let’s not be ridiculous and want businesses to spoon feed us like a parent, let’s decide for ourselves and let your cash do the talking man.

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