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Waste the waist

31 May

Recently our waist has come under closer scrutiny. It seems that the weight we carry around our waist can do us more harm than the weight around our hips or chests.  Our waist measure and body shape  the experts say are key indicators of how healthy and fit we are. So they are telling us to throw away the scales and get out our tape measures.  Things to do:

1.  Keep an eye on your waist to hip ratio – you get that by dividing your waist measure by your hip measure

2.   Aim for 0.8 or less if you are a woman and 0.95 or less if you are a male

3.  Know your body mass index (BMI)  and keep track of that too – this is important and reliable as a predictor on diabetes onset or risk.  You get this number by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in centimeters. Try to keep your numbers between 18.5 and 24.9 for optimum health. Higher than that puts you in the overweight range. These numbers may not be as accurate for athletes, the elderly or people with very small bone structure)

4.  Circumference of waist. To measure your waist circumference get a tape measure and place it loosely around your waist a little above your belly button.  For a woman that number should be around 35 or less and for a male around 40 or less.

These numbers are what you should keep at your figure tips


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