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You can have too much of a good thing

16 Jun

Sometimes I get frustrated with all the conflicting information about foods that are good for you and yet sometimes they carry side effects. It makes me want to jump on the band waggon of Eat Right for Your Blood Type because these are exactly the foods that it has listed that are not beneficial for my particular blood type – Soy, chickpeas, sesame, sunflower seeds and some other types of peas.
I know that leaving my health to doctors is not an option for me and I am a strong believe that the best medicine for me comes on my plate. I just have to figure out which are the best ones for me. I do not believe in eliminating any food completely except Monsanto’s brands but I believe in eating in moderation and eating the foods that are most beneficial according to the most recent scientific findings. I cannot give up by being too overwhelmed with information. My health is my greatest asset and it is worth the trouble.

Not all foods sold in health food stores are healthy

25 Sep

The article below is a good example when healthy foods are taken out of their context to satisfy our taste that is causing us the problem. Take for example nori, which is a healthy sea vegetable used in the production of sushi. Someone got the bright idea to make it more tasty so they go ahead to fry the noodles in salt and seasoning making a perfectly tasty and naturally salty vegetable into an unhealthy choice. Why do producers want to keep us in this unhealthy mode only heaven knows. Do not be fooled, do not be tricked into any of their ploys to keep us addicted to salt and foods that are not in our best interest. This is so frustrating.
Please read the article below and share it as much as you can

Interesting item in my email

29 May

 This is an interesting video about nutrition and health matters. It’s all good and it’s also a bit funny – check it out, you may learn something new.

Calcium-rich without cow’s milk

26 Apr

Check this out vegans and vegetarians – nutrition is everywhere


School cafetarias have to get with the wellness program

5 Sep

foodcafetaria.jpgReaction to the growing number of overweight children in the United States has resulted in schools taking a stricter role in the foods that are allowed to be sold in cafeterias and kiosks.  This is also in response to the federal government’s policy to have schools develop a wellness plan for students. Vendors have to offer snacks in smaller 100-calorie packages and healthier alternatives such as baked instead of fried chips. There will be a lot more fruits and vegetables. Let’s hope the children will not sneak out to the neighborhood Seven-11.  Parents also have a role to play in their children’s diet.  The fact is when one eats proper food – whole grains, fruits and vegetables, the craving for junk food decreases naturally.

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