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Low glycemic index one of the keys to good health

28 Jun

Some simple information on Glycemic index. This appears to be very important in maintaining good health and staving off diabetes, so pay attention.  Here is what Oprah’s people got to say

Cancer causing chemicals on strawberries

23 Jun
 Are your strawberries killing you softly? Read this article if you are concerned

Upcoming event – Support Services for Newcomers

23 Jun

Supports & Services

for Newcomers & their Children

Wed. July 14, 1-3

With Evelyn Agedzi (Mt. Carmel Clinic Multicultural Wellness Counsellor, Warda Ahmed, Newcomer Immigrant Settlement Worker, and Kathy Downs, WCWRC counsellor

Snacks and Childcare provided 

West Central Women’s Resource Centre

583 Ellice Ave., lower level

For more info ph. Fiona at 774-8975

Looking for the right eggs

23 Jun
If you want to know where to find the healthy eggs this article may give you a clue.  Marketing is a means to influence us and I think these days marketing tacticians are crossing the line. A consumer who snoozes loses.  We have to be constantly vigilant to know that we pay for the product we intend to rather than what some marketeers/producers create to sell their goods.

Health Food claims can be bogus

18 Jun

I am experiencing a growing dissatisfaction with some of our health food stores that are now slipping in foods that are not healthy food at all.

I find the more I read the labels from so-called organic good-for-you-foods, the more I am dissatisfied with the junk they pass off as good food. All these meat alternatives are filled with more ingredients than I care to read of and when you read the sodium content some of them have of between 800 to 1000 grams,  I want to puke; there is sugarcane juice – organic though it is but it’s all sugar – hidden in a lot of healthfood products. Sugar is sugar is sugar.

I think the health food people are also culprits in forcing sugary products on us and because they attach the word organic on them you are to believe they are good for you. The health food industry is helping to keep people addicted to sugar and salt.  Take Kefir, for example,  beautiful and refreshing in its natural state but no, they had to add sugar to it and as far as I am concerned the sugary ones are awful-tasting.  If people want to add sugar to kefir they can add their own fruit to it, why do manufacturers of health foods have to encourage poor eating habits? There is also the pure fresh taste of coconut water which is now being contaminated with sugary concoctions – they now carry pine-apple coconut water, mango-coconut water.  Why are we being lured by health food stores to want to add sweetness to everything.

We need some real health food stores to be established that cater to changing the way people eat.  Any product that has more than three or four ingredients are not good for you. I can tell you that. I am going to start keeping you posted with the unhealthy foods you should avoid at health food stores.  Why pay more for food in a health food store when you can get the same food a heck of a lot cheaper at Safeway?   That makes no sense to me at all.  Check out this article below for your information:

The Bad, the Bold and the Bogus: Food Industry Health Claims to Watch Out For AlterNet

Brown rice can reduce your chances of Type 2 Diabetes

16 Jun

A 2007 study of   women in Shanghai China discovered that those who eat brown rice at least twice a week cut their chances by    of developing type 2 diabetes where those who consume white rice because brown rice has lower glycemic index where white rice is stripped of all its fibre and polished white of its bran. This white rice causes the blood glucose level to rise rapidly and that’s not good.

Check out the article below for more details.

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