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Tips to save money and have better looking hair

3 Jul

Homemade concoctions for healthier hair.

Your tresses are precious, so give them a treat–or, better yet, a homemade treatment! There are quick, easy, healthy recipes for getting your hair into soft, manageable condition. Just tie on your apron and whip up a batch!

The “mane” ingredients:

What a sweet way to add moisture and shine to your hair! Simply skin a papaya, remove the seeds, and mash the pulp into mushy consistency. Work it into your hair and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Thoroughly shampoo, rinse, and condition your tresses for a brilliant shine!

The taste and texture of avocado tells you that it has moisturizing properties. In fact, an avocado is high in fat (30 grams on average) and vitamin E. Place half an avocado in a small bowl and stir in coconut milk until the mixture has the smooth consistency of hair conditioner. Work it throughout your hair. Sit with a plastic cap on for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse, then shampoo lightly, and rinse again.

If your hair is dulled by product residue and you’re looking to impart shine, vinegar will do the job. Dilute a half cup of apple-cider vinegar with a cup of warm water and apply to clean hair. Let it sit for 1 minute. Shampoo again to rid your hair of the vinegar odor.

Although many natural ingredients are healthy for your hair, one to avoid is raw egg. According to Hilary Shallo Thesmar, Ph.D., R.D., director of the Egg Safety Center, using eggs as part of a hair- or skin-care regimen is not recommended because of food-safety concerns, such as the possibility of cross-contamination with salmonella bacteria.

Looks good!

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