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A film coating is coming on your fruits and vegetables in a Supermarket near you

29 Aug


 Don’t be surprised in you start seeing your fruits and vegetables in your local supermarket having a shinier look to them.  It’s the edible film to protect our foods from spoiling or making us sick with foreign bacterial. They are talking about this in the New York Times of today’s date. Scientist are perfecting ways to keep our foods longer on shelves and preventing spoilage.  Why would they want to do that? Once they start tampering with the natural properties of food you are getting something more than you paid for. And it is generally not good. We have enough stuff added to our foods now they are working on an edible film.  Not like the film we find on our apples and vegetables.  This would be one that would have nutrients as well.  The film resembles a plastic wrap that dissolves in water. It can be infused with molecules from cloves, thyme or other foods that can keep unhealthy bacteria from growing.  They can even be flavoured films, the report stated.

Food Science professor Mark Daeschel  and  food scientist Yanyun Zhao of Oregon State University teamed up to  produce this  edible film made from a fiber found in crab and shrimp shells. They mixed in lysozyme, a protein found in both eggs and human tears that has proven effective against listeria and staphylococcus. “It’s why we don’t get eye infections,” he said.

  There are other scientists also working on their own brands of films. Keep on the look out for this product and be informed. Oh my God what are all those things doing in my food.

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