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Tomahtoes or Tomaytoes – they are great in the summer

22 Aug

Is tomato a fruit or vegetable? Some say it is a fruit others say it is a vegetable. I am not sure which is right and I am no scientists. All that I know is tomatoes are fantastic. There are a variety of tomatoes and I personally used them as either. I have put those succulent, baby tomatoes in my fruit salad, I have put them in my Greek salad, in my garden salad and everywhere I put them they stand out above the rest.  Tomatoes add zest to food and to the tongue. You know when you taste tomatoes because of its distinctive flavor. Not only is it delightful to taste and look at, it is packed with lycopene – something that is good for you and fight those free radical bacteria that can make you sick.

Check out your local farmer’s market and enjoy tomatoes at its freshest.  Buy a lot and free some for winter. That way you know that you are eating something that has been grown at a farm near you.

When I go to the Farmer’s market, I carry a bottle of water to wash my baby tomatoes so that I can eat it on the spot.

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