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New Research raise alarm of increasing number of boys with eating disorders

20 Nov

esearchers  at Weslyan University are finding that boys and girls are equally conscious about their weight and are trying to lose weight by eating less, purging and exercising vigorously to become thin and remain thin.

While eating less, purging and exercising to stay slim are still largely the preoccupations of teenage girls, teenage boys are increasingly following suit, a sweeping new U.S. study has found.Researchers at Middleton University in Conn. discovered over a 5 year study of adolescent boys and girls found that between 1995 and 2005, 54 per cent of girls in their study reported they dieted, while 10 per cent said they used diet products, eight per cent admitted to purging, 67 per cent exercised, and 43 per cent exercised vigorously to lose weight.The research  also found that  Caucasian followed by Hispanic girls were the most likely to purge and use diet products to get thin. Black girls had a more flexible view of their bodies and seemedo make whatever body type they have work for them.  Caucasian boys were least likely to use diet drugs while Hispanic males were the most likely to be preoccupied with  their weight.“Considering that males have negative attitudes toward treatment-seeking and are less likely than females to seek treatment, efforts should be made to increase awareness of eating disorder symptomatology in male adolescents, and future prevention efforts should target male as well as female adolescents,” the authors say.The researchers studied data from 1995 to 2005 gleaned by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention via a biennial survey of high-school students in grades nine to 12. The data were self-reported, with students categorizing themselves as “white,” “black” or “Hispanic” in questionnaires.

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