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Recall of Frozen Burgers -E Coli Alert

24 Nov

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Ontario-based Cardinal Meat Specialists Ltd. are expanding an earlier recall of frozen beef burgers for possible E. coli O157:H contamination to include more products.

The recall now affects the following products:

  • 1054 Cardinal Roadhouse Beef Burgers, UPC 63351 00126, product code 01 1697.
  • Compliments Beef Burgers Super 6, UPC 55742 34129, best before dates of 08JUN14,
  • Compliments Traditional Beef Burgers, UPC 55742 34128, best before date of 08JUN15.
  • Compliments Three Cheese Beef Burgers, UPC 55742 34131, best before date of 08JUN22.
  • Compliments Peppercorn & Garlic Beef Burgers, UPC 55742 34132, best before date of 08JUN14.
  • Compliments The Pulled Porkshire, UPC 23682 10208, best before date of 08JUN15.
  • Longo’s Ultimate beef burgers, UPC 72468 00241, product code 1697.

The products were distributed across the country. No associated illnesses have been reported. For a complete list of products recalled, consumers should check the CFIA’s website.

The agency said food contaminated with E. coli O157:H may not look or smell spoiled. It warned that consumption of food contaminated with the bacteria may cause death or serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses, such as permanent kidney damage.

Symptoms include severe abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea. Some people may have seizures or strokes and some may need blood transfusions and kidney dialysis.
Consumers with questions can call the CFIA at 1-800-442-2342.

E. coli: Where does it come from?

8 Aug
E. coli: Where does it come from?
E. coli, short for Escherichia coli, is a type of bacteria commonly found in the intestines of animals and humans. There are hundreds of strains of the bacterium, but E. coli O157:H7 has been identified as the most dangerous to people, producing a powerful toxin that can cause severe illness.
E. coli O157:H7 can contaminate ground beef during the butchering process. If it is present in the intestines of the slaughtered animal, it can get into the meat as it is ground into hamburger.
The bacteria is also found in unpasteurized milk and apple cider, ham, turkey, chicken, roast beef, sandwich meats, raw vegetables, cheese and contaminated water. A deadly E. coli outbreak in 2006 was traced to spinach grown in California. Bean and alfalfa sprouts have also been recalled due to E. coli contamination.
Fruits and vegetables that grow close to the ground are susceptible to E. coli contamination if, for example, improperly composted cattle manure is used as a fertilizer.
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