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Dogs Outstrip Other Animals in Usefulness to People

8 Jan

dogsandhealth.jpgDogs appear to be people’s best friend indeed. There is conclusive research showing what we already know that dogs are very helpful to people in many ways and their uses seem to be increasing with time.  I sometimes wonder if we are not pressuring these poor animals too much with our problems.

  However, it seems that pet owners are positively impacted by their pets especially dogs.  Pet owners pay less visits to their doctor, they have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and generally seem to be in better health than their non pet owners.  These days dogs are trained to sniff out the onset of a hypoglycemic attack, oncoming seizures,  and can detect the smell of cancer in the body.

     Dogs are known for their faithfulness and their ability to love their owners, even those owners who are not so nice to them. It seems that dogs have a forgiving nature and I have to ask myself why is dog so close to God? Is there a connection somewhere?

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