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Men feel happier when they earn more than their colleague

25 Nov

Recent research reveals that there is a “reward center” in the male brain and whenever a man is paid more than his co-worker this center lights up vigorously smashing the traditional economic theory that assumes the only important factor is the absolute size of the reward.  This new result showed that the relative size of one’s earning also played an important role in triggering the “reward centre.”   The research studied 38 pairs of male volunteers.  These volunteers were asked to do a task at the same time and were promised payment for their success.Neuroscientist Dr Bernd Weber explains: “One area in particular, the ventral striatum, is the region where part of what we call the ‘reward system’ is located, we observed an activation when the player completed his task correctly,”  while a wrong answer and no payment resulted in a reduction in blood flow to the “reward region”. But the area “lit up” when volunteers earned money, and interestingly showed far more activity if a player received more than his partner

New Research Shows a little Overweight May be Good

8 Nov

A new study concludes that being a five to 10 kilos overweight may not be as harmful to health as is commonly believed, and may actually confer some benefits when it comes to certain cancers and heart disease. 

How can we ever be healthy if we listen to our schizophrenic researchers who cannot get their story right. These contradicting reports are enough to send people crazy.  The one thing I always do is to take the middle ground. I do everything in moderation and I firmly believe that weight is intrinsically connected to one’s caloric intake.  It’s simple mathematics.  If we try to micro manage everything we put into our mouths and our health then we will be hit by something out of the blues, something we did not cater to.  My advice to people who are frustrated with the different solutions to health, and to weight loss that comes with every issue of our news media is do not rush to change anything that is working for you. The bottom line is variety is the spice of life.  Eat a variety of food, exercise moderately and everything will be fine.

New research holds brighter picture for diabetes treatment

16 Oct

New research is emerging that gives scientists a better handle on the nature of diabetes, the 5th leading killer of Americans, with 73,000 deaths a year.What is  diabetes? It is a disease in which the body’s failure to regulate glucose, or blood sugar, can lead to serious and even fatal complications. Until very recently, the defining feature of diabetes is elevated blood sugar and the control of the disease mean controlling  the way  glucose is taken in absorbed and used for body fuel  was the key thing about this disease.  This involved, of course, the pancreas, the liver, muscle and fat. New research suggests that a hormone from the skeleton, may influence how the body handles sugar. In previous work it was shown shown that leptin, a hormone produced by fat, is an important regulator of bone metabolism. In this work the idea was that the conversation was a two-way street. the hypothesis was that if fat regulates bone, bone in essence must regulate fat..  Focusing on the cross-talk between more different organs, cells and molecules represents a “very important change in our paradigm” for understanding how the body handles glucose, said Dr. C. Ronald Kahn, a diabetes researcher and professor at Harvard Medical School.  New research is also showing that the way the body handles glucose varies from person to person  and that it may be possible to design individual protocols for individuals rather than the one-size fits all approach. The picture certainly appears brighter for future strategy to deal with this growing problem of diabetes especially Type 2 variety.

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