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Are you prepared to be a guinea pig

31 Dec

GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) coming to a supermarket near you unmarked. That’s right, you won’t know what you are eating. I think there is something inherently wrong in this approach. I think foods should be labelled properly, we should know where it originated and whether it is natural or artificial and let us make our own informed choices. As for me I am sticking with the foods that the universe gave us – fats, carbs, whole-grains and fruits and vegetables. One cannot go wrong there except when scientists tamper with these groups and begin to add all sorts of unnatural combinations for us to eat without knowing the side effects. Who cares? By the time we find out about the effects of eating GMO foods, the money will be made and there’s be enough to hand out pittance in the form of compensations. But what can compensate for a good, healthy life? No money can compensate for that.

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