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One in 135 children is autistic

21 Nov

In today’s news the shocking research shows that one in 130 children in the US is autistic. A mother appeared on the WCCO show and she and her son who is autistic talked about their lives, hopes and dreams.  The mother said that like any mother she has hopes and dreams for her son.  One has to reframe the hopes and dreams to fit the child but it is important to hope and dream.  She always advised that do not try to be a superwoman, you need help and support to get through.  Her son’s dream was to become an ordained pastor and I wish him and that he does achieve his dream.  I have to ask why are so many of our children autistic?  What are we doing wrong? Is it our environment? Or is it the refinement of our medical technology to detect more illnesses that might have gone unnoticed or unnamed in the past.  The statistics are staggering to me. Too many children’s lives are affected by this illness and it is time we get it under wrap. 

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