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Dumpster Diving Anyone

4 Apr

dumpsterdiving.jpgWhat would a person in a third world country think when they seen on our National TV that young men and women, college educated, raiding the trash for food?  For these people it might be a political act against waste but to the person in the third world this would be so shocking.  It is something the poor does in poor countries, not people in rich countries.


I am not sure if this is such a smart idea eating food that has been discarded who knows what germs harbour there?  I suppose trash shopping is not for the faint of heart and certainly not for me but I must hand to those who are the front-line, who put their lives on the line to make a point and to save themselves money as well.

 It is a crying shame that supermarkets cannot donate the food they waste to the poor or homeless shelter.  They claim it is because of legal complications and being afraid of lawsuit should someone get sick from expired or damaged foods.  But can people take their chances and risks similar to the dumpster divers.  The poorest dig into the more treacherous dumpster trenches in the garbage bins at street corners. The supermarket dumps are a lot safer in comparison.

We have to stop the waste in the West. It is not right that we should waste so much of the world’s resources while others go hungry. Something must be done to correct this.

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