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Europeans approved cloned meat and milk

14 Jan

 Preliminary report from the European Food Safety Council came out on the side of cloned food (meat and milk products) being good to eat.  The report used the word “seems” good to eat and fit to sell within the European Union.  Consumers have to beware of these fuzzy words by the time a definitive statement comes out years later, it might come a little too late for some.  Why do we need to clone animals anyway?  Why don’t start looking at alternative sources of protein for food.  Tampering with nature in this way always has its deadly side effects and sometimes this show up later and in the next generation.   Do we ever wonder why there are so many genetic problems with ensuing generations?  After taking into consideration that the climate is better these days for gays and lesbians and transgenders to come out of the closet, I still believe that there is a growing number of people with these genetic problems and it is because of the environmental factor, the hormones we eat and feed our infants and unborn children are part of the problem of today’s children and then we have the temerity to blame and discriminate against these children that we produce.   Although the report is giving the green light on these genetically produced foods, they are also saying that the genetically produced animals have more diseases and are generally weaker than naturally produced animals.
Helen Holder of Friends of the Earth International, an environmental group, said from Brussels that Friday’s decision was “weak and unsatisfactory.” She continued: “They clearly acknowledge that these animals have more diseases and that there is only limited data about the environmental impact. And then they go on to conclude that meat and products from cloned animal products are O.K. for Europeans to eat. It makes no sense.”

Consumers beware!

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