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First recipient of permanent artificial heart dies

4 Dec

peter-houghton.jpgpeterhoughtonpump.jpgThe man who received the gift of seven years lease on life died at age 68  on November 25, 2007 will be remembered as the first man who was fitted with a permanent artificial heart. Peter Houghton of  Birmingham, England, was kept alive for seven years through a revolutionary pump “the Jarvik 2000” used to increase the power of each heartbeat that sent send blood around the body. Before the artificial heart, Houghton’s heart was beating at 10% the normal capacity.Before the pump Houghton was given weeks to live. His last rites were read and he said goodbye to his loved ones.  With nothing to lose Houghton agreed to undergo a 14 hour operation at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford to install  the pump which was powered by an external battery linked by a wire through his skull.

  Doctors were not sure what to expect of this new device as they had never tried it before.  

  Houghton saw every day he lived as a gift and he used it to help raise awareness for this new treatment and went on several walks raising funds for the further research and development of this procedure.
   To a man who should have died, seven years is a long time and it appears that he used that time with respect and honour.

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