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Magnolia bark is better than a mint to freshen breath

22 Nov

magnolia-tree.gifHalitosis is a major social handicap and most people especially adults suffer from it. Scientists have not found the exact reason why people get bad breath even though they brush and clean their mouths regularly.  There is the theory that it is bacteria in the gut or stomach that seeps through the mouth that produces bad breath. 

     There is new hope in magnolia tree bark as an effective controller of bad breath. Magnolia bark could take the edge off bad breath much more effectively than mints alone, US researchers say.

The extract, already used in the treatment of various disorders, may also be effective against the bacteria which cause tooth decay.

Researchers at the Wrigley Company carried out tests on nine volunteers. Writing in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, they found mints laced with magnolia killed 20 times more bacteria than mints without. 

Plant a magnolia tree today.

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