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Is ignorance bliss or deadly?

1 Nov

Researchers at the New England Journal of Medicine said that many brain abnormalities show no outward symptoms these may include silent strokes, aneurysm, benign tumours and that people may go through life without knowing.

  They wonder if ignorance is bliss. If people do not know then they will not worry about their condition.  However some researchers contend that it is better to know so that the problem can be addressed sooner than when it is too late.

They found that symptoms are seen quicker in older than younger people.

Dutch researchers used magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, to take a peek at the brains of 2,000 healthy individuals with an average age of 63.

What they found was that as many as 7 percent of the subjects had signs of stroke. Nearly 2 percent had a benign brain tumor, and nearly another 2 percent had a brain aneurysm.

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