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Sushi Not For Me – Too many bare hands in my food!

31 Aug

sushimaker.jpgSushi may be the newest fad or a keeper on the North American scene but no thank you very much, I am not thrilled with it.  I like sushi if I make it myself.  But having someone handle my food and pressing down rice against the nori is not my idea of good practice.

Who knows where those hand went  before they started messing around with my food. Call me picky but I think it’s time sushi makers start wearing something on their fingers. It’s not like the food is going to be cooked after they have handled it. From their hands it comes to my mouth and that’s not alright.

   People do a lot of things with their hands.  They could be touching their nose, scratching their head or have a dog lick their fingers and forgetting to wash their hand.  They could come from the bathroom, they could wash their fingers but on their way out open the door and there lies your bacteria.

Sushi is a nice light snack but it has to be prepared under more stringent hygenic conditions.  We’re just waiting for a sushi generated outbreak!

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