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Dark chocolate is good for health…BUT

30 Aug

Chocolate lovers beam when they hear that chocolate is good for your health. Those who love chocolate and have high blood pressure have all the more reason to smile because the experts have found that the flavonols in the dark chocolate may be a contributing factor in lowering blood pressure.

Not to burst your bubble but they are talking about a tiny sqare of chocolate and we who love chocolate know that we are never satisfied with a teeny-weeny square so why tempt yourself at the risk of gaining weight.  There are lots more stuff out there that is good for blood pressure that does not carry the weight gaining factor.

Try some hot cocoa. Buy a tin of Fry’s cocoa and add milk and a little bit of sugar and cinnamon and you will get the benefits of chocolate without the calories.

Darker the fruits and veggies the better

24 Aug

Dark fruits and vegetables may have some special propertiesThe compounds which give certain fruits and vegetables their dark colour anthocynnins. may contain powerful cancer fighting properties, a US research suggests. It has showed to slow the growth of colon cancer cells. Researchers say they have to continue to isolate the exact ingredients in these fruits that is the active ingredients that helps to fight cancer and to develop new drugs that could help fight gastrointestinal cancer.

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