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Food and Migraines

30 Dec

Many people suffer from migraine. Sometimes the migraines come sporadically and sometimes it’s relentless for days then goes away for a week or two and then back again. For some it can be debilitating affecting their work and family life.  There seems to be no good remedy for migraines. I have a friend who has been on many types of drugs and regimens without much success.

I came across this article which I am posting the link here and hoping that those of you who suffer from migraines might find some help in this or some useful information.  It is all about the food you eat

Fun but insightful game – try it

28 Dec

How long will you live?
This is a calculator that estimates your life expectancy.
It was developed by Northwestern Mutual Life.
It’s interesting that there are only 13 questions.
Yet, they might predict how long you’re likely to live.

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