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Aging & Illness Acceleration: Little known facts.

31 Jul
Pass the Word
by Janis Holzman Betz, R.N., B.S.N.
I have come across several wonderful discoveries that I feel you will want to know about and pass on to your family and friends.  I have found that the following will have an impact on your health and aging process. 
Discovery #1: Water
Many of you are drinking healthier water, such as Brita filtered water, spring water, distilled water, or reverse osmosis water.  However, what I have discovered is that these waters are not as healthy as you think.  A biochemist informed me that these waters contain too many free-floating hydrogen atoms.  These hydrogen atoms will bind to calcium and other minerals in your intestinal system and blood, which will prevent your body from fully benefiting from these minerals.  The biochemist told me that by putting a pinch of baking soda or a few drops of trace minerals into your water, the hydrogen atoms will bind to these substances instead, which will make the water healthier to drink.  A trace mineral product is your best choice because every cell in your body needs them to be healthy.  Pass the word!
Discovery #2: Battery-Operated Devices
I have confirmed that battery-operated devices and watches may cause an electrical interference in your body.  This interference may interrupt the electrical nerve transmission to all of your organs, tissues, and glands, which may cause a weakness in those areas.  A jeweler told one on my clients to put a “corn pad remover” on the back of her watch to neutralize the negative effect the battery has on her nervous system.  I did muscle testing on many of my clients, and sure enough, it works.  I have also discovered that we have an energy field around us, and when this field is strong, battery-operated devices do not affect us (see discovery #8).  Pass the word!
Discovery #3: Piercings
How many of you know someone who has body piercing in other parts of their body other than in their ear lobes?  I have found that body piercing in the upper ear, tongue, lip, navel, and other unusual places causes interference in the electrical nerve transmission to organs, glands, and tissues, which will accelerate the disease and aging process.  It will also cause overall body weakness.  When I have my clients remove these piercings, their muscle testing arm becomes strong, and their organs, glands, and tissues become strong.  If you have regular pierced ears, wearing cheap metal earrings will also cause an electrical interference.  Many eyeglasses made of metal will also interfere with your nerve conduction.  I have discovered that putting clear nail polish across the nose bridge of the metal will prevent the metal from causing interference in your nervous system.  It is amazing.  Pass the word!
Discovery # 4:  Thumb and Toe Rings
I have discovered that wearing rings on your toes and thumbs may weaken your brain function.  The spine meridian reflexes run down the thumb and also to the top of the big toe.  When rings are worn on the thumbs and toes, the nervous system energy flow is being disrupted.  I have also found that pinky rings may also disrupt nervous system energy flow. 
Discovery # 5:  Crossed Legs and Arms
One of my clients told me that he was told that crossing your legs and arms short circuits your nervous system.  So, I decided to muscle test this occurrence.  I had him cross his legs, and I muscle tested his Central Nervous System (brain) function, and his arm did became weak as I applied gentle pressure.  So this is a real occurrence. 
This phenomenon has to do with your nervous system’s energy flow down the center of your body from your brain to the base of your spine, then down your legs.  Apparently, when you cross over this energy flow line, by crossing your arms and/or legs, you disrupt the energy flow of your nervous system, essentially “short circuiting” it.  I have noticed that I do feel and think better if I don’t cross my legs and arms.  It is a very difficult habit to stop.  Try it.  Pass the word!
Discovery # 6:  Hugs 
Hugs can sap energy or give energy depending on which direction you hug.  Yes, it is true.  A friend who knew this saw my husband and I hugging, and he quickly pointed out that we just sapped each others energy.  We hugged to the right of each other.  He had us repeat the hug, and then he muscle tested our arms for strength, and our arms weakened when he gently pressed on it.  Then we hugged to the left (heart to heart), and our arms were very strong.  You test it.  Pass the word!
Discovery #7: Synthetic Clothing/Material
You will find this discovery very interesting.  When I muscle tested my clients, some of them were very weak.  They also complained of being tired a lot.  I discovered that their weakness and fatigue was coming from the clothing or shoes that they were wearing.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that synthetic fibers, such as ramie, polyester, rayon, acetate, acrylic, etc., have negative electron energy.  This negative energy weakens every cell in your body, which will accelerate your disease and aging process and cause fatigue.  On the other hand, I discovered that natural fibers, such as cotton, silk, hemp, and wool, have positive electron energy, which strengthen your body and create cellular balance and energy.  I encourage you to wear natural fibers to maintain good health.  Pass the word!
Discover #8:   The Energy Field Around You.
In April 2003, I was introduced to the concept of energetic parts in the energy field around the human body that will directly affect your health.  I was also introduced to a system that would correct disturbances in the energy field to restore health.  Through muscle testing, I have discovered and confirmed over 70 different energetic parts both outside and inside your body because these parts are energetically connected to your nervous system.  Your nervous system and body emit energy much like an electrical device emitting an electromagnetic field.  The energy field around your body is often referred to as an aura, which extends out about 2 feet.  The Mosby’s Medical Dictionary defines an aura as an emanation of light or color surrounding a person as seen in Kirlian photography.  This dictionary defines the energy field (disturbed) as a disruption of the flow of energy surrounding a person’s being, which causes a disharmony of the body, mind, or spirit.  I have discovered how to correct disturbances in the energy field by doing NervEnergy Balancingä.
Discovery #9:  Microwave Ovens
Information about the negative health effects from using microwave ovens has been coming out for some time now.  I stopped using my microwave oven about 5 years ago.  The problem with microwave cooking starts in the molecule of the food/liquid.  The molecule of the food/liquid is vibrated from the inside out by the action of the microwave.  “A microwave is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 1 mm. to 3 cm.” (Mosby’s Medical Dictionary)  The electromagnetic radiation causes some of the electrons to be dislodged from the food molecule, which converts the stable food molecule to an unstable molecule.  This is called a free radical.  “A free radical is a compound with at least one unpaired electron.  It is unstable and reacts readily with other molecules.” (Mosby’s Medical Dictionary)  When you consume this massive pile of free radicals, it will rob your cells of electrons.  It does this so that the unstable molecule can be stable, which then causes your cells to become unstable.  This process stresses your body’s cells, organs, glands, and tissues, which contributes to cancer, aging, chronic disease, and a compromised immune system.  If you do the lean test or finger muscle test, test the food/liquid before and after you microwave it and see for yourself.
If you consume food or liquid from the microwave oven, I strongly suggest that you take two or more powerful antioxidants, such as pine bark extract, N-Acetylcysteine, grape seed extract, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and/or 1000 mg. Vitamin C.  Antioxidants have extra electrons to give up and still remain stable.  The best solution to the microwave oven problem is to take a sledgehammer to it, and use your stove and conventional oven.  Better yet, eat raw.  Pass the word!
Discover # 10:  Irradiated Food
All food coming into the USA from any country is irradiated to kill infectious organisms.  Irradiation is done by blasting the food with radiation.  It is a scientific fact that radiation damages cells.  My brother-in-law had some plums and peaches from South America, so I decided to muscle test to see if they where healthy to eat.  The muscle test failed, which means the fruit was not healthy to eat.  Radiation damages the cellular structure of the food and converts it to a free radical.  If you are going to eat these foods, take an antioxidant supplement, such as Vit C, and E, selenium, pine bark, grape seed extract, green tea, etc.  Pass the word!
Discover # 11:  Cell Phones, Satellite, & Wireless Technology
You guessed it.  I have discovered that the energy frequencies of cell phones, satellite, and wireless technology to be very devastating to human health.  The phones and equipment with the satellite frequencies for GPS (Global Positioning System) are even more devastating.  When I muscle test many of my clients for strength while their cell phones are on them, they are weak and all of their organ and brain function were very weak.  One young man almost died because his new cell phone disrupted his body function so much that a bee sting sent him into an instant anaphylactic reaction.  He barely had a reaction to past bee stings.  When he came to see me, every organ and body function was weak and dysfunctional.  I had to put his cell phone 12 feet away from him just to get strength in his body.  The least obtrusive and safest cell phone is NOKIA without a satellite frequency.
If you don’t have a cell phone, you may be negatively affected by the frequencies passing through the air.  A horse farm above Bloomsburg reported a 100% miscarriage rate of all horses, and the only change in the horse’s environment was the new cell tower that was put up near their pasture next to I-80.  The horse farm took the cell tower company to court and won the case to have the cell tower taken down for one year to see if the miscarriage rate changed.  There have been many reports of cancer development directly related to cell phone use, and this has gone unheeded.  People are using cell phones, other wireless devices, and satellite feed devices (TV & GPS) without being aware they may be causing cancer and many other health problems in their body.  The cell phone, satellite, and wireless technology companies could care less about your health.  It’s the money they care about. 
I call the ill effects of cell phone, satellite, and cell tower frequency emissions; FREQUENCY TOXISITY.  Each of your cells emits frequencies, and your nervous system emits energy frequencies.  Frequencies from cell towers and satellites disrupt your body’s frequency pattern, which stimulates cellular weakness and malfunction.  The symptoms of frequency toxicity may include foggy thinking, disjointed thinking, memory interference, word-finding problems, tingling of scalp, fullness feeling in brain, headaches, disorientation, slow thinking, slow responses, decreased reflex reactions, nervousness, fatigue, generalized weakness, decreased immune response, poor digestion, decreased bodily functions, and many other health complaints.  Your GERD may be frequency toxicity, and many brain cancers have already been proven to be caused by cell phone over-use.
There is a co-existing solution.  Some people did not have any negative reaction or weakness to cell phone frequencies.  I have discovered that they had a protective energy barrier around their body.  I have been able to bring that protective barrier around those who do not have this barrier.  Other protective things you can do are using diode devices on your cell phone or carry them in your left pocket.  I have also found that quartz crystals emit a protective frequency when placed in your right pocket or placed near your body.  Quartz needs to be washed under running water every night to keep it powered.   I encourage you not to use the cell phone if you can use the land line.  If you must use a cell phone, then use a wire ear piece and keep the phone 2 feet away from you.
Frequencies from batteries and electrical devices may also negatively affect your health by causing an electrical interference in your body.  This interference may interrupt the electrical nerve transmission to all of your organs, tissues, and glands, which may cause a weakness in those areas.  Where there is a weakness, disease and cancer begins.  If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to buy a diode or be checked to see if you have frequency toxicity, please call me.  Pass the word!
Discover # 12:  Calcium
Not all calcium is alike.  Surprised?  Coral calcium is not the wonder supplement that is being portrayed on TV and in ads.  There is a reason why it does not dissolve in the ocean; therefore it will not dissolve well in your body either because it is inorganic.  Coral calcium is not balanced with the right ratio of minerals to maintain healthy tissues and cells.  Many of my clients were getting symptoms of calcium depletion, such as muscle cramps, while on this product.  When I switched them over to Calcium/Magnesium Aspartate along with cod liver oil or another essential fatty acid (i.e. flaxseed oil, borage oil, etc.), their symptoms stopped, and they felt much better.  I have discovered that cod liver oil, fish oils, and essential fatty acids maximizes the absorption of minerals into your cells and bones.  These fats bind to the minerals in your small intestine and transports them through your small intestine wall into your blood. 
 Bile from the gallbladder and liver is necessary to break down fat in the small intestine.  I have discovered that when your bile production is diminished, mineral absorption from the small bowel is hampered.  Therefore, a poorly functioning liver and gallbladder or having no gallbladder may cause a mineral imbalance in your body.  When my clients do a liver/gallbladder flush, they feel so much better.  They also feel better when they take a bile salt or an Ox bile supplement with meals.  I am finding that poor mineral absorption is weakening the heart and bowel function and contributing to muscle spasms and cramps.
Calcium carbonate is one of the worst calcium supplements you can take.  It is lime/concrete, and it is very poorly absorbed in your body.  You need a lot of hydrochloric acid in your stomach to absorb this type of calcium.  Plus, calcium carbonate is very constipating due to its concrete consistency. 
Dairy calcium is the next worst source of calcium because pasteurization converts the calcium into an inorganic form, which is not very usable by your body.  Dairy does not have a balance of minerals for calcium absorption (i.e. magnesium, boron, phosphorus).  Plus, excess amino acids in the protein of dairy products, meat, and fish metabolize to uric acid, which robs your bones and teeth of calcium.  I tell my clients to stop nursing from the cow (drinking milk) and start eating like the cow, which is raw vegetation and whole grains.  This is where the cow gets the calcium to build her bones.
The best sources of calcium are calcium aspartate, gluconate, or citrate, and all raw, dark green, leafy vegetation.  Make sure your calcium is balanced with magnesium and other minerals plus vitamin D.  Avoid commercial calcium/minerals with a lot of fillers, artificial color, chemicals, glycols, waxes, and acids.  Mineral oxides are created the same way as rust, and they do not have the same effect in the human body as elemental plant minerals. 
It was explained to me by a biochemist that the manufacturer will list 600 mg. of calcium but only  70 mg. is actual “elemental” calcium that the body can use.  The rest of the milligrams are a carrier substance such as carbonate (lime dust), citrate, etc.  
Hydrochloric (HCl) acid is needed in your stomach to have proper breakdown and absorption of calcium from your stomach and duodenum.  It is best to take your calcium supplement at supper or bedtime.  As you age, the level of HCl in your stomach decreases, so it is important to take a supplement with a digestive enzyme containing Bentaine HCl.  Blood Types A and AB tend to have lower stomach HCl then Blood Types O and B, so they need to supplement with Bentaine HCl at meal times as well. 
Calcium and mineral absorption and utilization by your cells and bones also require the presence of the hormones progesterone (females-ovaries), testosterone (males-testes), and parathormone from the parathyroid glands (regulates blood calcium levels).  For women over 40, I encourage you to use progesterone cream as directed.  I have a very good progesterone cream in my clinic, plus I have more information on estrogen and progesterone if you would like to look further into this subject.  Pass the word!
Discovery #13:  Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and the Blood Type Diet
I discovered that it is very important that you keep your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) working correctly in order to maintain health.  When your ANS is out of balance, all of your cells, organs, and glands do not function well, which accelerates aging and disease.  The two main reasons for an unbalanced ANS are scars and food intolerances.  Dehydration and constipation are the next two most common reasons.  Scars block the transmission of nerves through the skin.  I encourage you to put vitamin E oil on your scars two times a day.  I can help you figure out which scars are a problem. 
I have discovered that food intolerances and ANS balance are directly correlated with the Blood Type Diet.  For example, cow’s milk is not tolerated by any blood type except some blood type B individuals.  When you consume foods and fluids that should be avoided according to your blood type, you weaken your body, which will lead to accelerated aging and disease.  The best book to read on this subject is Live Right 4 Your Type, by Peter D’Adamo.  I have discovered how to cause the Blood Type cell to stop being intolerant to food.  Pass the word!
Discovery #14:  Chronic Pain, Auto-immune Issues, and the Secretor Status
Chronic pain, such as rheumatoid, inflammatory, and/or reactive arthritis, and lupus, is caused by an attack of your immune system on your joints and spine.  Dr. D’Adamo found that this attack is related to an auto-immune issue that is being stimulated by malfunctioning blood type cells.  Your blood type cells are supposed to secrete an antigen (specialized protein) into your tissues and fluids, which causes your immune system to recognize normal tissue as friendly; therefore it will not attack healthy tissue.  But for some people, their blood type cells are not secreting this specialized protein, and their immune system is attacking healthy tissue.  All auto-immune disorders are caused by this phenomenon.
A “secretor” (80% of population) is someone who is secreting their blood type antigen (protein) into his or her tissues and fluids.  A “non-secretor” (20% of population) is someone who is not secreting their blood type antigen (protein) into his or her tissues and fluids, therefore the immune system attacks healthy tissue.  Being a secretor or a non-secretor is independent of your blood type group.  Your secretor status is inherited. 
“Non-secretors” have a greater tendency to develop inflammatory arthritis, reactive arthritis, lupus, grave’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.  “Non-secretors” are more prone to generalized inflammation, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, and have an increased risk of recurrent bladder infections.  “Non-secretors” account for 80% of all fibromyalgia sufferers.  “Non-secretors” tend to have ill symptoms and arthritic pain when they eat foods on their Blood Type Diet avoid list.  They tend to have multiple health problems and are medically complex.  In many cases, non-secretors are hypersensitive to drugs and often react adversely to them.  If there is a side effect to a drug, non-secretors have it, and non-secretors often do not respond to conventional treatment like secretors.  This is the group that the medical industry often fails.
I have discovered that the non-secretor status is an inherited genetic problem in the bone marrow, which is where the blood type cell comes from.  I have found that there is a disturbance(s) in your bone marrow that you have inherited, such as emotional disturbances, genetic disturbances, toxin disturbances, etc.  These disturbances may also create other blood issues, such as anemia and red blood cell and immune cell disruptions.  I have been able to remove these disturbances from the bone marrow and convert non-secretors to secretors using a technique that I have developed called, NervEnergyCell Disturbance Releasing and Restorationä (NDRR), which uses a Color Light Therapy technique.   
Anyone with an auto-immune disorder should avoid sugar, dairy, wheat, soy, and corn.  Taking the supplement N-ACETYL-CYSTEINE will block the negative effects of eating sugar and foods outside of your blood type diet for both non-secretors and secretors.  Also, the supplement, “Moducare” is excellent to help balance the immune system, stop the immune system attack, and decrease inflammation.
The book Live Right for your Blood Type by Peter D’Adamo will give you more information about the secretor status of your blood type.  It will also give you information about the foods to eat and foods to avoid.  Pass the word!
Discovery #15:  Chocolate lovers beware!
 A client came to me with weight gain and an unsatisfying addiction to a major brand chocolate made in Pennsylvania (I was told that I can’t name the company).  The more of this popular chocolate she ate the more she craved.  When I muscle tested this client with a bar of this chocolate, her blood and everything in her body became weak.  When I put a chemical detoxification product next to this common chocolate, her blood and body became strong.  When I muscle tested another brand of chocolate (made in Switzerland), no weakness occurred.  I tested the other competing major brand of chocolate, which is manufactured in New Jersey, and that also weakened my client’s blood, brain, and body.  I thought this was a very interesting discovery, so I muscle tested over 30 clients to see if these two popular chocolate brands weakened their blood and body, and it did.  Again, when I put a chemical detoxification product with these chocolate candies, their blood and body also strengthened.  To be fair, I muscle tested other brands of chocolate, and no weakness was found.  When an organ or tissue is weak, it leads to cancer and a multitude of diseases.
   In 2004, I was so addicted to “_ _ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _ _” (major brand chocolate), that it took me a week of withdrawal type symptoms and fighting intense cravings before I could feel free from craving this chocolate.  Now I know why I had such a strong addiction.  When I read the ingredients on the chocolate package, the last ingredient was “artificial flavors.”  This can cover a wide range of addicting chemicals that can be put into the chocolate, food, or drink.  I encourage you not to eat anything that lists artificial flavors or colors as an ingredient.  Pass the word!
Healthy Journey
 DISCLAIMER: The information within this web site is not intended to take the place of medical advice from your personal physician. Readers are advised to consult their own physician or qualified health care professional regarding the treatment of their condition.  Janis H. Betz, R.N. and Healthy Journey does not offer medical advice diagnose or prescribe the use of diet and/or supplements as a form of treatment for a specific illness or disease.  It is your decision and constitutional right to treat yourself.  Janis H. Betz, R.N. and Healthy Journey is not responsible for any possible consequences from any treatment, action or application of herbs, vitamins, minerals or other supplementation.
PS:  I encourage you to take what you need and pass the word along. Of course my frequent advice is to take evrything with a grain of salt. Some of the stuff in this articles sounds believable.

Jalapeno Peppers Appears to be the Culprit

28 Jul

The Pundits have come out with their fingers pointing at Mexican jalapeno peppers as the source of the recent salmonella outbreak.  For months now tomatoes were seen as the culprit but new evidence suggests that jalapenos appears to be the common thing eaten across the country where people got sick.  The found the strain that is making people sick from a single jalapeno pepper found in a south Texas produce warehouse.

The Shortlist of Serious Medical Symptoms

24 Jul

There’s a shortlist of six symptoms that should immediately send you to the doctor or the emergency room. The list was put forward by Neil Shulman, MD, who is the author of Your Body’s Red Light Warning Signals. He describes hundreds of symptoms in his book that could mean life or death, but these are true “red flags”:

1. Unexplained weight loss. “If you’re on a diet, you’re expecting this to happen,” Shulman says. “But if you’re eating the same way—and now have to adjust your belt a few notches tighter—you could have a serious problem.” Unexpected weight gain can also be a warning, especially with ovarian cancer. “Fluid builds in the abdomen, and women think they’re gaining weight. But if you have been at the same weight range for years, and doing nothing different, see a doctor.”

2. Slurred speech, numbness and/or weakness, and paralysis. You know what this one is—a potential stroke. Rush to the emergency room because quick treatment may save your life as well as prevent brain damage.

3. Black, tarry stools. The food you eat changes stool color, but according to Shulman, black, tarry stools could be the sign of cancer or a bleeding ulcer.

4. A headache with fever and a stiff neck. You may have bacterial meningitis. Quick test: if you can’t put your chin on your chest, you need immediate treatment.

5. A sudden severe headache. If you’re struck out of the blue by a headache that’s worse than any you’ve ever had before, you may have an aneurysm, which is a blood-filled pouch that bulges out from the wall of a brain artery. Get treatment before it breaks—it could save your life.

6. For women: postmenopausal vaginal bleeding. Bleeding after menopause is a symptom of several conditions, including deadly uterine cancer. For men: lump in the testicle. A lump could be a sign of cancer, and the best thing for men to do is to regularly check themselves in the shower.

When you seek treatment or consultation, be firm with physicians about testing and ruling out a potentially life-threatening emergency. “Sometimes you have to make a scene,” Shulman says. “The one person most likely to be concerned about whether you live or not is you.”

Watch your salt intake this summer

14 Jul

It’s summer and many of us like to barbecue or just order in some pizza and salad. Or while on our road trip we eat foods along the way, stopping at fast food joints and so on. If you are hypertensive, have a family history of hypertension or you just want to live a healthier lifestyle you may want to monitor the amount of sodium you ingest.  Most of these restaurants and fast food outlets are so lazy to be creative in their cooking that they douse their food with salt to make it taste better to our detriment:  Check out this list of salt in common foods and beware!

PS: These numbers reflect the sodium in one serving of the food listed.

*                               1 taco salad = 1,800 mg of sodium

*                               1 taco or bean burrito = 1,200 mg

*                               8 nachos with cheese sauce = 816 mg

*                               1 tablespoon of salsa = 96 mg

*                               1 serving of spaghetti with meat sauce = 1,600 mg

*                               1 slice of pepperoni pizza = 670 mg

*                               1 cup of miso soup = 2,500 mg

*                               1 5.5-ounce serving of Mandarin chicken = 1,150 mg

*                               1 tablespoon of soy sauce = 902 mg

*                               1 tablespoon of teriyaki sauce = 690 mg

*                               1 5.5-ounce serving of mixed vegetables = 370 mg


*                               Here’s the fast food low-down

*                               1 grilled chicken club sandwich = 1,690 mg

*                               1 6-inch submarine with cold cuts = 1,651 mg

*                               6–8 breaded and fried shrimp = 1,446 mg

*                               1 fish sandwich with tartar sauce =1,270 mg

*                               1 cheeseburger = 1,108 mg

*                               1 piece of battered fish = 790 mg

*                               1.5 ounces of low-fat balsamic vinaigrette = 730 mg

*                               Plain Caesar salad =180 mg

*                               Plain Caesar salad with 2 ounces of dressing = 680 mg

*                               Small order of French fries = 160 mg

*                               1 packet of ketchup =100 mg

*                               Fruit and yogurt parfait = 85 mg

Choose wisely and stay healthy.  Best plan is to cook your own food then you know what you are getting.

Source of Salmonela still eludes scientists

10 Jul

Close to 1000 people have been affected by the salmonella outbreak in the past couple months but yet its source cannot be found.  The strongest hint appears to be from tomato but there is no definitive conclusion that tomatoes are the culprit?

What has gone wrong with our food chain? Is it because we do not know where most of our foods come from? That they come from places so far away that we cannot even pronounce their names and have no idea how they package or grow these foods?  Be prepared for more unidentified bacteria in our foods that will cause illness.

Need I repeat that one way to cut through the garbage is to buy local. When you buy local and you get sick you can easily pin point where your food comes from and actions can be swifter.

Have you checked out a farmers market near you as yet? If so I urge you give your body a needed break and feed it with some real nutrients.

New Research Shows Men also have Biological Clocks

8 Jul

Until now men were smug about their fertility prospects. We all believed that men could have a child anytime but women were limited by their biological clocks. It turns out that men also should be concerned about their biological clocks because they have these clocks too! And  it starts ticking down after a man hits 35 years or so.

Studies show that men’s fertility decreases after 35 and by 40 they may find it more difficult to impregnate a woman.

Dr. Stephanie Belloc presented her findings recently to the European Society of Human Reproductive and Embryology Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

“Men are not immune from reproductive ageing,” Dr. Belloc said and noted that this study has important implications for couples who want to have a family.

Perhaps our grandparents were right as they always are, get your children younger than older.  If you want to have a family do not wait for the house, the car and the white picket fence with a dog. Those things may wait but your fertility will not.

On similar note, women who already have fertility issues should also note that there is evidence that  while many women can have 20 cups of coffee a day and get pregnant if you’re already subfertile it could push you over the edge , according to Professor Bill Ledger, University of Sheffield.

Caribbean Grilled Chicken

8 Jul

Note: This recipe has not salt


  • 1/4 cup(s) orange juice, fresh squeezed
  • 1 teaspoon orange peel
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon oil, olive
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • 1 teaspoon ginger, minced
  • 2 clove(s) garlic, minced
  • 1/4 teaspoon hot sauce  or season with cherry peppers
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano, minced
  • A pinch of cumin
  • 1 1/2 pounds chicken breast halves


1. In a blender, combine all ingredients except the chicken. Pour the marinade over the chicken breasts and marinate in the refriegerator at least 2 hours or up to 48 hours, overnight will produce better results.

2. Grill or broil the chicken for about 6 minutes per side until no trace of pink remains.

Healthy choice.

Clues from the Universe

2 Jul

Farmers Markets Now Open Across Canada

2 Jul

It’s time to give the supermarkets a rest and take advantage of the fresh produce available probably grown less than 100 km from your home. Give your body the boost it needs for the leaner winters when we have to suffice on foods that travel thousands of miles from your home with all kinds of chemicals to keep them looking fresh. Go for it – support your local farmers and keep our foods the way they should be fresh and healthy.



In St. Norbert’s market you can also get fresh Philippine Spring Roll, fresh Elk meat, fresh sausages and breads. There are a lot more than green vegetables. So hop on out to a market near you.

Trans-fat and labelling confusion

2 Jul

According to most of the research I have read so far transfat is bad for you and should not be in foods in any amount. The FDA has asked producers of food to let the consumers know when transfat is added to food and the proportion added.

Recent research shows that the labelling of transfat is confusing and may be made deliberately confusing to dupe unsuspecting consumers.  The way it is labelled is to hoodwink you that transfat is a required part of a healthy diet e.g. you might see 4 grams of transfat –  10% of daily requirement.

In fact  the American Heart Association states that anything over 2 grams per day of trans fat is definitely bad for you — and it’s preferred that your intake stay at zero.

To stay on the safe side read labels and aim for foods that say zero or low transfat.  Consumers be ware.

Dietitian Lona Sandon, national spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association and chair-elect of the Nutrition Educators of Health Professions, offers up the following tips on trans fats:

What is a trans fat?

“A trans fat is a type of man-made fat in which the chemical bonds of a vegetable oil, normally liquid at room temperature, are changed so that it becomes solid at room temperature and more shelf-stable,” she said. The fats’ chemical bonds become “twisted,” hence the name “trans.” Natural trans fats can occur as well, but they are not thought to be harmful.

Trans fats are typically found in processed foods, particularly snack foods or bakery items,” Sandon said. These would include cookies, crackers, pre-packaged donuts, muffins, even chewy granola bars. Always check labels. Better yet, stick to fresh, whole foods, vegetables, grains, nuts, lean meats, low-fat dairy and soft tub buttery spreads made with liquid vegetable oil.

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