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Quit Smoking in 2008 to Preserve your Health

8 Jan

What is keeping women from butting out when the research shows very strongly that smoking is dangerous for everyone especially for women? There is increased risk of dying young from cancer, heart attack and a poorer quality of life because of all the side effects of this dangerous poison.
According to a NYT article today the smoking gap between men and women has narrowed, and women smoke in almost equal numbers as men. In 2005, 18 percent of women smoked in the United States, compared to 24 percent of men. Lung cancer has now surpassed breast cancer as the leading cancer killer of women. As my colleague Denise Grady wrote last month, a smoking boom in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s has propelled chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a progressive lung illness linked with smoking, into a top killer of women.

Many say they smoke to relieve stress?  Is the stress of liberty too much for women? With women’s liberation from the kitchen and from abusive husbands came other oppressions such as poverty, single-parenthood, and other social problems of isolation.

If there is any resolution a woman who smokes should make for 2008 is to quit. Stop. Butt out.

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