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Ban Food Additives for Better Health

6 Sep

Gordon Brown, British PM is calling on the food producers to ban additives in children’s foods. Brown, like other food lobbyists believe that these additives are what causing the increase in hyperactivity in children.  Why can’t manufacturers use natural products to give colour to foods instead of some artificial colouring.

Professor Jim Stevenson, of the University of Southampton  who researched this subject, said: “We now have clear evidence that mixtures of certain food colours and benzoate preservative can adversely influence the behaviour of children.”  

 Parents have to start putting their money where there children’s health is, and stop buying foods with additives not only for children but even themselves. Start changing the way we eat and return to basics.  We will all benefit from greater health, less health care costs and more money in our pockets. Join Brown and call for a ban on unnecessary additives in our foods.

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