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VEGETABLE PIZZA – Practically no-cook

16 Oct


Amount            Measure           Ingredient       Preparation Method

1                      package           CRESCENT DOUGH – CROISSANT CRESCENT ROLL  

8                      OUNCES        CREAM CHEESE      

 1/2                  cup                  MIRACLE WHIP/MAYONNAISE   

 1/2                 TEASPOON   DILL WEED   

 1/2                  teaspoon          ONION POWDER    

 1/2                  TEASPOON   GARLIC POWDER   

                        BROCCOLI    CUT UP SMALL

                        CAULIFLOWER        CUT UP SMALL

                        CHEDDAR OR MARBLE CHEESE     GRATED


1.  Spread dough out over cookie sheet.  Bake 5 -10 mins till slightly brown. Cool

2.  Mix ingredients 1 – 5, spread on dough.

3.  Cut vegetables in tiny pieces, sprinkle over spread.

4.  Cover with grated cheese.

5.  Cut into little squares.


I had this last evening at an event and it was really great. Could be served as an appetizer.

Bon Appetit!

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