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Irresponsible Research Findings – Who’s paying for this research – Drinking Coffee prevents Prostate Cancer

20 May

Prevention: Coffee Lowers Risk of Prostate Cancer, Harvard Study Says

Published: May 20, 2011
 As part of the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, Harvard scientists followed 47,911 men who periodically described their coffee consumption. The researchers found that those who consumed six or more cups a day were almost 20 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer over two decades than those who drank none.

More important, the heavy coffee drinkers were 60 percent less likely than the nondrinkers to develop a lethal form of the disease. Even men who drank just one to three cups of coffee benefited: They were nearly 30 percent less likely to develop lethal prostate cancer, the study said.  Read the article


What the research does not say is what are some of the other health risks involved in drinking  six or more cups of coffee every day? Will it increase your risk of hypertension, stomach cancer, bladder cancer.  These hodgepodge cures, and prevention strategies are doomed to fail because the human body is an entire engine that needs to be looked at holistically and not in terms of finding what is good to prevent one thing and ignore the others.

I believe that when researchers come out with these ridiculous findings urging people to drink more coffee than they need, that it is irresponsible and more likely than not is driven by those people who stand to benefit from coffee sales. perhaps the research shows that people are slowing down drinking coffee so this is a reason to get us drinking more coffee.

The best route to a good health is moderation.  Our fear of dying and illness which we might never got are allowing us to be easy target for those who wish to profit from our fears by offering us every nonsense diets, foods, cures. Be sensible. Live wisely and live healthily by eating food and not pills, drinking six glasses of water and not six cups of coffee, by doing what grandma told us – eat your fruits and vegetable – everything in moderation. Go for walks everyday, run if you like, play basketball, move. You will  be fine.

This might just be the right diet for you – Treats with no calories – Imagine that!

18 May

Well the experts in trying to allow us to have our cake and eat it too have come up with some brilliant research that may be just what some of us need to cut our calories.  Your imagination can work wonders. Imagine eating that yummy trifle, bread-pudding or frosty cupcake, keep your focus, savor the taste and breathe deeply. There you’ve got it, you’ve done it and you’re done your craving.

Read the article and be inspired

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