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Dr. Oz Puleese

13 Aug

What are you doing to people? I have heard some women say that they have stopped listening to Dr. Oz because everyday he comes out with something new and improved and driving them crazy.  I think Dr. Oz will begin to lose credibility as a doctor if he does not stop endorsing some strange products. He also appears to be focussing on women’s body. 

Women must accept the fact that we are not all alike and that slimness does not equate to good health.  We are all different and we come in different sizes. The more information we received on how we ought to be, how much we ought to eat and how much we ought to this and that the more we will become crazy.

Tune out to diet advice they do not work. The simple thing is eat less and use up more. If we make a decision to stop eating junk food and eat sensible like your grandparents everything would be fine. We are chasing after this elusive dream of a certain size and in the mean time cheat ourselves out of valuable life. Let us be grateful for life and energy. Live your life and get off this judgemental treadmill. Love your body no matter what size it is.  There are too many people many money off of women’s insecurities around their body. Free yourself from this tyranny of body size.  You are who you are.

Meditteranean Diet

2 Sep


What is Mediteranean diet? We hear it is good good for us and like most North Americans we get hooked on to fads, i.e. anything that is the buzz at the moment which promises to help us live longer, healthier lives.  After a few months or even weeks, the fad loses it flavour and we unconsciously revert to our old diets and/or habits. Right? 

All  original diets have their pros and cons.  In North America the old people lived longer, healthier lives because of the way they lived. They worked hard, ate good food (not processed) and they lived simply.  Eating well, living simply and taking time to rest and relax with family and friends are the  basic ingredients for a good life.

Mediteranean diets comprise of lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, lemon, lime, whole grains and olive oil. There are not a lot of processed foods and sweets in this diet.

The fish is baked or broiled and the meal is almost always accompanied by a glass of red or white wine. For those who cannot and does not like wine, a glass of grape juice would provide a stepsister kind of alternative.

What is important important is to have a variety of fruits and vegetables everyday and fish or lean meat. Forget about white flour – who invented this poison anyway? – Choose whole grains, taste the flavours.  Eat everything in moderation.   Excercise – start moving your body today

What you have here is in distilled advice of the so-called experts.  Enjoy your life in good health

Bon appetit!

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