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Environmentalist has simple solution to environmental crisis

1 Oct

A lot is being said and written about climate change. Many of the solutions offered are piecemeal that are not vanadana.jpgsustainable. If as a community of humanity we are serious about climate changes we would have to change the way we do things and to approach this crisis from a  holistic point of view.  We have to look at greed, poverty, consumerism and the way our economy is organized to ensure that people are treated justly and enjoy basic freedoms within their countries.  Dr. Shiva Vandana has summed it up for me better than most of the stuff I have read. 

“The problem of climate chaos to me and the problem of appropriating the resources of those who need those resources for ecological security and economic security, is ultimately a question of ethics and justice. And that issue of ethics and justice can only be addressed if we recognize some very basic facts and reorient our practices of what we eat, what we do on our farms, our homes, our towns, our planet.

We need to reinvent our eating and drinking, our moving and working, in our local ecosystems and local cultures. Enriching our lives by lowering our consumption, without impoverishing others. And above all, we need to subject the laws that govern production and consumption to the laws of Gaia; the laws of the planet. The laws of a planet that can give forever in abundance for our needs if we do not allow the narrow minded, mechanistic, reductionist, greed based system of industrialism, capitalism, globalization to make us imagine that to be inhuman is the definition of being human.

Activist and physicist Vandana Shiva is founder and director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Natural Resource Policy in New Delhi. She is author of more than three hundred papers in leading journals and numerous books, including “Monocultures of the Mind: Biodiversity, Biotechnology, and the Third World and Earth Democracy.” Shiva is a founding director of International Forum on Globalization.

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