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Food Allergies and Corporate Conspiracy

11 Jan

One mother’s determination to expose the food industries’ conspiracy that’s making our children sick and more allergic than they need to be.   Robyn Obrien, the mother who took matters into her own had concluded that it was the additives in foods her children ate that were making them sick and filled with allergies.  Though there are no research to back it up, I strongly believe that sometimes we have to go with our gut feelings. We cannot afford to wait for research the findings which may come a little too late.

 s. O’Brien encourages people to do what she did: throw out as much nonorganic processed food as you can afford to. Avoid anything genetically modified, artificially created or raised with hormones. Don’t eat food with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Once she cleaned out her cupboards, she said, her four children started behaving better. Their health problems, which her doctor attributed to allergies to milk and other foods, cleared up.


I applaud this mother because I totally agree with her. Our children are becoming sicker and more allergic because of the trash they eat for food.


There is need to return to good wholesome food. When my children were little, the only breakfast they knew was cooked oatmeal, orange juice and sometime a boiled egg.  Weekends I may make them pancakes or take them to the pancake breakfast  once in a while. They ate none of the ready made cereals.  It takes 5 minutes to boil oatmeal and it is so much cheaper and healthier.


If you care about your children’s health and their future you would spend a little more time in preparing their meals. Children eat what you give them, what they are accustomed to.  My children never frowned on their oatmeal porridge.


During one of my parent teacher meeting a teacher asked me what I fed my children and why are they so calm and focused and I told her what they ate and she thought that had something to do with their behaviour.

Protect your children’s health.

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