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Great article about good bacteria – good for your gut ecology

27 Jul

Coffee is good for you now

27 Jul

I am always suspicious when new research comes out to push a product that was not considered good for people. Coffee is a natural product and I believe it has its benefits but must be taken in moderation, one or two cups per day is plenty. So please do not go crazy and start drinking coffee like water. Be prudent with your health.
Check out this comprehensive article by Dr. Mercola – very informative

Eat better live longer

26 Jul

Are you into heavy metal? Buy Chinese food.

7 Jul

Heavy metal pollution makes no distinction between how crops are grown. Irrespective of whether farming practices are organic or conventional practices are used, if the likes of cadmium, arsenic, lead, nickel and mercury are in the soil, water or air they can contaminate food and poison the people who consume it. With enough exposure, heavy metals can build up in the body, causing chronic problems in the skin, intestine, nervous system, kidneys, liver, and brain. Some heavy metals occur naturally in soil, but rarely at toxic levels, while human activities like mining, manufacturing and the use of synthetic materials like paint, and even some agricultural chemicals, can release heavy metals into the air and water, and from there they find their way to the soil. And once in the soil, heavy metals are virtually impossible to remove.

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