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New research holds brighter picture for diabetes treatment

16 Oct

New research is emerging that gives scientists a better handle on the nature of diabetes, the 5th leading killer of Americans, with 73,000 deaths a year.What is  diabetes? It is a disease in which the body’s failure to regulate glucose, or blood sugar, can lead to serious and even fatal complications. Until very recently, the defining feature of diabetes is elevated blood sugar and the control of the disease mean controlling  the way  glucose is taken in absorbed and used for body fuel  was the key thing about this disease.  This involved, of course, the pancreas, the liver, muscle and fat. New research suggests that a hormone from the skeleton, may influence how the body handles sugar. In previous work it was shown shown that leptin, a hormone produced by fat, is an important regulator of bone metabolism. In this work the idea was that the conversation was a two-way street. the hypothesis was that if fat regulates bone, bone in essence must regulate fat..  Focusing on the cross-talk between more different organs, cells and molecules represents a “very important change in our paradigm” for understanding how the body handles glucose, said Dr. C. Ronald Kahn, a diabetes researcher and professor at Harvard Medical School.  New research is also showing that the way the body handles glucose varies from person to person  and that it may be possible to design individual protocols for individuals rather than the one-size fits all approach. The picture certainly appears brighter for future strategy to deal with this growing problem of diabetes especially Type 2 variety.

Here is a good thought to start your day

20 Sep

The power within changes even hopeless situations into hopeful ones.

All of us have so much power within that we are able to see the brighter side of the situation when we use this power. Where there is power, there is happiness and this automatically makes the most hopeless situations into something beautiful. Thus we can be peaceful and happy. When we are able to maintain this stage we find that things change for the better too. Let us think of one situation that we’re not happy with. Let us use our inner power to accept the situation as it is without expecting it to change. This acceptance will give us the faith that things are happening for the best. With this faith even the most hopeless situation will turn positive.

(from Diamond Rosary)

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